Only for Existing Shareholders​ - Important information about RSP/TFSA Investments and Retractable Shares

On September 28, 2022, at the Special Meeting of the Shareholders, the shareholders present, representing 88% of the voting shares, unanimously voted to add retractable shares to ComhlaTech's share offerings.
As part of the October 2022 term sheet, existing shareholders will be able to purchase retractable shares.
What are retractable shares?​​
  • Retractable shares are shares that can be purchased and redeemed (sold back to the company) at any later date of your choosing.
  • At this time, retractable shares are only going to be available to shareholders who own common stock in ComhlaTech.
  • Retractable shares may or may not be offered again by the company.
  • Retractable shares are available for purchase using RSP/TFSA accounts.
  • Retractable shares may also be purchased with cash investment.
  • Retractable shares are non-voting, non-dividend bearing shares.
Why are retractable shares good for you and good for ComhlaTech?
ComhlaTech has great shareholders who have enabled phenomenal technology to be built.  In the last 2 years, and in particular, in 2022, our research has moved forward in leaps and bounds, leap-frogging our trading systems forward.  Anyone who is subscribed to is seeing the results of this work in a very real way.
Our new relationship with has not only given us credibility in the professional trading space, but has allowed Comhlatech to begin to show exponential revenue growth.  The target that we set for the year 2022-23 for assets using our strategies has already been achieved, before the end of our second quarter.
It is an exciting time for ComhlaTech as we move into this next stage of our growth.  We are running headlong towards our goal of Return of Capital to our common share holders, but ComhlaTech needs a helping hand to make this happen.
Retractable shares allow our existing shareholders to support ComhlaTech through this raise period, giving ComhlaTech its much needed liquidity, while enabling the shareholders to release their investments as and when they wish.
Using RSP and TFSA investment for Retractable shares also means that our shareholders have a place to go with their RSP and TFSA investments they used to have in self-directed accounts using ComhlaTech strategies, and can find a place to take advantage of the ComhlaTech strategies that they helped to build.